Bottom Ash System

Bottom Ash System

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The system is generally as follows for three or more high-rise buildings: 1) installation of a small bunker system at the bottom of each dust chute; 2) when the bunker system is full, dumping of the refuse by the cleaner to a collector and hauling of the collector to the adjacent collection center; 3) dumping into the compactor container system ...

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Ash handling systems. ANDRITZ ash handling systems include conveyors and other equipment necessary for removal of bottom ash and fly ash from the power boiler. Water-cooled screws or chain conveyors can be adapted easily for different furnace configurations and for any type of …

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Bottom Ash WTD Conversion Alternatives Presentation Prepared For: Conventional Dewatering & Recirculation System Bottom Ash may have to be moved and spread to enhance dewatering and achieve proper moisture content to pass EPA Paint Filter Test Any Transport Water may need to be captured, collected and returned to the system

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Traditionally, bottom ash removal is based on a simple system design that uses hoppers and crushers under a furnace and a sluice system that conveys the ash to a surface impoundment or dewatering system. Compliance with CCR and ELG means bottom ash transport water can no longer be discharged — a closed-loop system.

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To cater to the growing demand, it has become important to minimize the dissipation of resources and to optimize the recovery of resources. Therefore, new technologies and solutions are being introduced in coal-based industries to improve the overall efficiency. This factor will contribute significantly to the growth of the bottom ash handling system market.

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Jun 23, 2015· The result is dry bottom ash handling. These systems frequently continue to burn bottom ash, using ambient air instead of water during the extraction and cooling phases. This results in a lower cost, because there is no need to dispose of or treat the water that is used in a wet process – plus there are lower emissions and heat energy.

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Fly Ash is the major constituent of the ash generated from Pulverized and Fluidized bed Coalfired boilers. The Fly ash gets collected at various points, with most of it in ESP hoppers. One of the methods for handling Fly Ash is Wet system in which the ash is mixed with water to form slurry which is …

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Bottom ash from bottom ash silo can be fed into trucks or belt conveyors for further transport to disposal area or can be fed into mixing technology of high concentration ash disposal system where bottom ash, fly ash, water (in some cases gypsum slurry) is properly mixed to achieve 1-1 solid-water ratio and pumped to final disposal area.

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Bottom ash is most often conveyed in a hydraulic system in which the ash is entrained in a high-flow, circulating water system and delivered to an ash pond or to dewatering storage bins. A simplified schematic of a hydraulic system is shown in Fig. 5.24 [modified from Power, Boilers and Auxiliary Equipment (1988) ].

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Jan 09, 2015· Bottom ash is the coarser component of coal ash, comprising about 10 percent of the waste. Rather than floating into the exhaust stacks, it settles to the bottom of the power plant's boiler.

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Bottom ash is most often conveyed in a hydraulic system in which the ash is entrained in a high-flow, circulating water system and delivered to an ash pond or to dewatering storage bins. A simplified schematic of a hydraulic system is shown in Fig. 5.24 [modified from Power, Boilers and Auxiliary Equipment (1988) ].

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May 25, 2016· The MAC® Magaldi Ash Cooler is a unique system for dry extraction, air cooling and mechanical handling of bottom ash from pulverized coal-fired boilers. With...

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ProcessBarron bottom ash submerged drag conveyors feature special water-tight bearings and heavy duty welded chains that reduce stretching common with dual strand submerged conveyors. The submerged ash conveyor systems provide an air tight seal while still allowing ash and other materials to be removed from the boiler or furnace system.

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Feb 25, 2016· The SFC is a proven bottom ash system and a cost-effective solution when long-term life cycle costs are a major decision factor and when existing bottom ash hoppers may be in …

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The Submerged Scrapper Conveyor placed below bottom ash hopper quenches the hot bottom ash coming from boiler furnace. The water trough of the submerged conveyor provides required water sealing to the boiler. The scrapper bar fixed on the high quality …

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Bottom ash is collected in refractory-lined hoppers under the boiler. Percolating cools the ash and protects ancillary equipment from the 1600°F ( 871°C) temperature. At the appropriate time, grid doors at the hopper bottom open to allow ash and clinkers to pass into a crusher and are fed to the vacuum system for transport to the dry storage ...

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The system comprises of dry type Bottom Ash Hopper of adequate capacity with water seal trough and dip plates, allowing free expansion of the furnace without any air ingress. Bottom Ash Hopper is of steel structure, complete with hydro- pneumatically operated hopper isolation gates, refractory lining along with its cooling arrangement, seal ...

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Described below is a new incineration bottom ash washing and desalination system (see Figure 4) that is capable of removing insoluble salts while reducing the amount of wastewater. Outline of development. Characteristics of incineration bottom ash Figure 2 shows the chlorine and weight distributions of incineration bottom ash by particle size ...

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Maxtic Environmental provide Bottom Ash Handling System, Pneumatic & Material Conveying System, HCSD System, Dust Extraction System, etc. We also delivers after-sales services which include installation, servicing and maintenance of equipments.

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Bottom Ash System using Submerged Scraper Conveyor. This is a continuous ash removal system with some provision of collection of ash for few hours to undertake minor maintenance / repairs. The system utilizes a Submerged Scraper Conveyor (SSC) to remove the Bottom ash falling from the furnace in the water filled in the conveyor trough portion. ...


1979 Bottom ash system is similar to GNDTP under S.No.4. Dry fly ash handling system by utilisation of air slides, water mixed in the hydroejector and slurry conveyed up to common ash slurry sump. Ash slurry is pumped by D-135 ash slurry pump. 21. Kerala Newsprint Project 3x60 TPH Steam Generator Units Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd.

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An alternative solution to conventional wet bottom ash handling systems is the MAC ® system Magaldi Ash Cooler a fully-dry technol ogy, using only ambient air instead of water for bottom ash cooling and handling. The M AC ® system extracts bottom ash in a completely dry way from underneath the boiler and transports it to a temporary

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Figure 6: Conventional Bottom Ash Dewatering System as Retrofit If the bottom ash currently is pumped to an ash pond, a complete closed loop water recirculation system can be erected in a field along the path of the existing ash lines and two diverter valves installed during a very short outage to divert the ash away from the

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Nov 25, 2013· INTRODUCTION The first type of dry bottom ash system consists of a storage hopper where the bottom ash is collected, cooled and crushed before feeding to a pneumatic conveying system. The seal between the boiler and the hopper can be dry type or water impounded seal trough type depending on customer need.

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Also, with a dry system of this type, the bottom ash from coal combustion can be put to good use, rather than needing to be disposed of, in, for example, landfill sites. Rather, the resultant ash can be used in applications such as structural embankments and drainage media or milled and mixed with fly ash and used in the cement industry.

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2 Maintenance of Ash Handling Plants and Pneumatic Conveying Systems Content Chapter Title Page No. 1 Bulk Materials 3 2 Need for Mechanized Ash Handling Systems 7 3 Types of Ash 9 4 Bottom Ash Handling 11 5 Hydraulic System Fundamentals for Bulk Material Handling 27 6 Pneumatic Conveying of Materials 32

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The VAX Vibratory Ash Extractor is the latest evolution in dry bottom ash handling technology which delivers superior heat recovery, lower installed cost, higher reliability and less maintenance compared with conventional moving belt designs. The VAX system is the most cost-effective and rugged dry bottom ash handling system available.

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Bottom ash is the coarse, granular, incombustible by-product of coal combustion that is collected from the bottom of furnaces. Most bottom ash is produced at coal-fired power plants. Below is a comparison of fly ash and bottom ash, to show the size difference of the particles and the difference in texture.

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Dry Bottom Ash Conveying System Chain Conveyor Wet Bottom Ash Handling System Jet Pump Wet Bottom Ash Handling System Scraper Conveyor Fly Ash Conveying System Pressure (Dense Phase) System Fly Ash Conveying System Vacuum System from solid fuel fired boilers of various types